CNG trucks

Patron of the project PLT - ŠKOTRANS
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of polluting emissions
  • Lowering of transportation costs

Electric and CNG offensive in logistics represtents another parts of ecological activities, which ŠKODA develops under the „GreenFuture“ strategy. „GreenFuture“ sumes up all activities towards the production to be gentle with the nature. This pillair contains also „GreenLogistics“ for ecological solutions in logistics. The company is for the near future following an idea, where a majority of suppliers in plant‘s neigbbourhood are going to deliver production parts only by the alternative propulsion vehicles.

Unlike the vehicles using the conventional propulsion, trucks powered by the natural gas are characterized by substantially lower emissions and the testing has proven 30% lower fuel costs. Emissions of nitrogen oxides has fallen by 80% and 90%, emissions of carbon dioxide has been reduced by 90% in total. Under the consumption of almost 50 kilograms of CNG for 100 kilometres the emissions of flying dust are reduced by 95%, emissions of CO2 by 25%.

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