Packaging concept 4in1

Patron of the project CKD center
SOP 2016
  • Effective utilization of container
  • 25 % reduction of CO2 in transportation
  • Lower number of containers in operation

For transportation of painted bodyworks from main plant in Mladá boleslav to indian plant in Aurangabad, ŠKODA AUTO company evolved in cooperation with package supplier, Pilous company, inovative system 4 in 1. Czech automobile plant is using completely new, for each model specialy fabricated wood constructions, which are effectively filling transporting space in container.

This transport solution 4 in 1 is reducing the number of containers to one quarter. Thanks to that, ŠKODA AUTO saves annually 800 tons of CO2, tracking on the 13 270 kilometres long route. Almost all using materials are fully recyclable. Four-in-one inovation was awarded by Czech packaging association SYBA in 2016 to be more ecological logistics solution.

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