Cooperation with schools and universities

  • Education for environmental responsibility
  • Familiarisation with best practices of Škoda Auto logistics
  • Presentation of Škoda Auto's Green Logistics Strategy

One of our goals is to prepare future professionals for entry into logistics practice. We are therefore involved in the teaching of specialised subjects in secondary schools and universities. Our experts share their know-how mostly in the form of lectures and excursions. Activities with universities have also proved successful in addressing logistical issues in the form of long-term projects.

Green Logistics is becoming more and more attractive to university students, as evidenced by the growing interest of universities in logistics sustainability topics. The Green Logistics team actively supports the teaching of the subject "Green Logistics" at universities, specifically participating in the consultation and evaluation of students' seminar papers.

Škoda Auto Logistics also organises events according to target groups. A concrete example of a day-long activity with logistics is the so-called Discussion Forum, where students learn the basic logistics principles of the individual departments of a car company in a fun way.* We are open to students for collaboration in the form of internships where they have the opportunity to work on their final thesis. We would then be pleased to welcome a new member to our logistics team.

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